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Annotate It!

Annotation Figma Plugin

Automate the process of documenting your UX workflows. Annotate It! makes it easy to annotate your wireframes and/or designs the smart way.

Save countless amount of manual process time!

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UXtionary was an idea born out of the need to have a one and only go-to-resource for UX and UI design around a year or two ago.

But, since then, it has pivoted to be a resource for UX design and Figma, a tool that has been gaining popularity and usage in these unusual times.

Here, you won't only find external resources, but also home brewed plugins and libraries specially designed and developed for Figma!

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UX Glossary

What is Information Architecture?

What is Information Architecture

Information architecture is the practice of organizing and arranging information to make it understandable. This includes defining hierarchies, parent-child relationships and in general making sense out of (informational) messes.

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Figma File

Notes & Annotations

Notes & Annotations Figma File and Library

Perfect design to dev handoff is all about proper communication and documentation (besides pixel perfect designs) so that the devs have no issue understanding the intent and behavior of the product UX and UI.

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